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And it's easy! When you open an account at Blue, you’re joining a credit union obsessed with your financial success. In fact, you’re becoming a part-owner, which sets us apart from traditional banks. Because our members are owners, we return profits to you through rewards and ever-improving banking services.

It's not too good to be true—it's just Blue. From personal to business accounts, anyone can join!

Ways to Join

If you have family or household members who are already Blue members, they can extend their membership to you.

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Do you work or belong to an organization in Wyoming or Colorado? They may be a part of our Select Employee Groups, which makes you eligible for membership. Find out on our membership application or by viewing our list of participating businesses.

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  • Civilian and military personnel of the U.S. Government who work at or are assigned to Francis E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming

  • Employees of the F.E. Warren A.F.B. Air Force Exchange and other non‑appropriated funds activities who work at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base

  • Contractors and employees of contractors who work regularly at F.E. Warren A.F.B. in Wyoming under contract with the U.S. Government

  • Members of the Wyoming Army National Guard who are stationed in the State of Wyoming

  • Members of the Wyoming Air National Guard who are stationed in the State of Wyoming

  • Members of the United States Naval Reserve who are stationed in the State of Wyoming

  • Members of the U.S. Armed Forces, active or retired, or their dependents or dependent survivors who are eligible by law or regulation to receive and are receiving benefits or services from the above military installation

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If you open an account and deposit $10, we’ll use $5 to set up your membership and the other $5 to help the Blue Foundation.

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Joining Blue might be the easiest life-changing decision you ever make, in a wonderful way. When you're ready to get started, so are we.

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