Blue is rewarding.

Rewards For Life pays you more based on your participation in the credit union and your years of membership. The more business you bring, the better your rates and discounts on new and existing products - up to 4.00% APY* on our free Extreme Checking account!

  • How do I qualify?

    Your rewards score is determined through a combination of your number of unique services, length of membership and total savings and loan balances. Each product and service is worth one (1) point and your years of membership and combined relationship balances varies in points awarded. You can learn more about Rewards For Life by stopping into any of our branch locations or by filling out our online request. We can evaluate your current rewards status and make recommendations to optimize your benefits and reach your goals

  • How do I redeem my rewards?

    Some existing product benefits are automatically calculated for you, while others are implemented once you obtain a new product or service.

    Existing Product Benefits

    • - Extreme Checking - If you have an Extreme Checking account, your dividend rate will be automatically calculated each month depending on your tier. So, if you're a Sapphire member, you will earn 4.00% APY*, if you're Gold tier member, you will earn 3.00% APY* and so on.

    Depending on your reward tier, your benefit will be automatically calculated at the time of service on the following items:

    • - Check Cashing (>$100)
    • - IRA Annual Fee
    • - Official Check
    • - Coin/Coin Machine
    • - Domestic Wire Fee (outgoing)

    New Product Benefits

    Rewards also extend to members when they obtain new products and services from Blue. Depending on your reward tier, your benefit will be calculated at the time of opening of the following new products and services:

    • - Consumer Loan Rate Discount
    • - Share Certificate Rate Bonus
    • - Mortgage Loan Fee Discount

      If you have any questions on how to maximize your rewards, please contact us at 1-800-368-9328 or by clicking here.

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