Mission Accomplished:

Thank you Fort Collins and Wellington! We've reached our goal of 300 new member checking accounts, and soon we'll be announcing our $20,000 donation to Downtown Fort Collins and $10,000 to the Wellington Main Street Program. These much-needed funds will go towards beautification projects to be announced in the next few weeks.

The Blue Foundation is the root of who we are and allows the credit union to give back over $150,000 each year to local causes and non-profits. We love supporting causes all over and plant seeds of good in all the communities we serve. Check out a few of them here!

Donations to Downtown Causes



Each Do Gooders gets a kit plus $100 do spread the good!For our Do-Good promotion each new member checking account earned $100 and a Do Good kit to help new members keep spreading the good.





You’re the hero your community has been waiting for! This promotion was available in-branch at our Boardwalk and Old Town branches in Fort Collins and our Wellington branch inside Ridley's Market. 

If you’re already a Blue member, tell someone you know about the Do Gooders and help spread the good!