We’re always members first

Accountable TO YOU

Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that offer most of the financial services banks do, only we’re owned by our members, not outside investors. Our members are our shareholders.

Returning profits TO YOU

A true cooperative, we return Blue profits to you in the form of great rates, better banking products, member Rewards for Life, and supporting programs and causes in our community in partnership with the Blue Foundation.

Cooperative banking = neighbors helping neighbors

Every deposit you make benefits not only you but also your neighbors, when they need a loan from Blue. And if you need a loan, you receive the same in return. Additionally, by pooling our money, together we have more power when it comes to investing, growing, and making financial wins for all Blue members. 

Community based, community focused

We’re a community-based credit union, meaning we only grow our membership in places where we have our own branches. We feel connected to these places, these communities, because we live and work here too. This gives us an especially strong sense of personal responsibility for how we behave as a business. 

When we make business decisions at Blue, we always think big picture and long-term about what’s best for all of us. We think about what’s best for you, your family, our team, our business, our community, our future—together.

— Stephanie Teubner, CEO

Local + national = the best of both worlds

We’re a tech-smart, local credit union with a national partner network:

So if you move, you can stay with Blue. If you’re traveling, you can still deposit a check or make a loan payment in person. It’s very different from the old days of credit unions.

With Blue, you get the convenience and technology advantages of a big bank with the community-minded integrity of a local business.

Where you put your money matters. Choose Blue.

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