Strong, long-term relationships pay off for all of us!

We love helping members succeed financially and in their life pursuits, and we really believe in the power of the financial tools we offer.

When you invest in Blue by allowing us to safeguard and invest your money in different ways over many years, you give us more financial power to earn money on your behalf. The beauty of Blue and our model is that we give those earnings back to you, in the form of the great rates, Doing Good in our communities, and our Rewards for Life program.

How it works

Our Rewards For Life program pays you more based on your participation in the credit union and your years of membership.

The formula

It’s a little more complex, but you get the basic idea. 

  • Tally your rewards score

    Product Points Points Available
    Any Checking 1
    Any Money Market (non IRA) 1
    Any Share Certificate (non IRA) 1
    Any IRA Share Certificate 1
    Any IRA Savings/Money Market 1
    Any 1st Mortgage/Finish Line 1 1
    Any Home Equity/HELOC 1
    Any Auto/RV/Other Secured 1
    Any Unsecured Loan/LOC 2 1
    Any Credit Card 1
    Length of Relationship        
    Years of Membership 0-5 years 5-15 years 15+ years  
    Points Available 1 point 2 points 3 points
    Combined Relationship Balance 3        
    Combined Balances <$5k $5k-$25k $25k - $75k >$75k
    Points Available 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 points

    1 1st mortgages originated with Blue qualify for 1 point, but balances are not included in relationship totals

    2 Exclusions apply to Holiday, Smart and Courtesy Repayment loans.

    3 Investments at Blue balances are not included in relationship totals

The point system

The benefits

We offer different member benefits, including special interest rates and free services, based on your Rewards for Life membership level. 

  • See a list of program rewards

      Silver Icon

    Gold icon


    0-5 points
    6-8 points
    9+ points
    Consumer Loan Rate Discount None 0.50% 1% APR*
    Extreme Checking Rate Bonus1
    (up to $15,000)
    2.00% 3.00% 4.00% APY**
    Share Certificate Rate Bonus None 0.25% 0.50% APY**
    Mortgage Loan Fee Incentive None None 0.25% off Fee
    Paper Statement Fee $2/per Free Free
    Check Cashing Fee (>$100) $5 Free Free
    IRA Annual Fee $10 Free Free
    Official Check $3 Free Free
    Coin / Coin Machine 3% Free Free
    Domestic Wire Fee (outgoing) $15 $15 Free
    Loan Modification/Orig.Fee (excludes RE) $100 $50 Free
    Safe Deposit Box See fee schedule
    Credit Card Reward Coming Soon!

    * Annual Percentage Rate ** Annual Percentage Yield. 1 See Extreme Checking qualification criteria in order to earn dividends.

    Rewards do not apply in combination with promotional rates.



  • How often is my rewards status updated?

    Your Rewards for Life status is updated on a nightly basis. So, if you open a new product or increase your balance to move you to the next rewards level, this will be updated automatically.

  • How do I begin earning the benefits of my rewards status?

    Some existing product benefits are automatically calculated for you, while others are implemented once you obtain a new product or service.

    Existing Product Benefits

    • Extreme Checking - If you have an Extreme Checking account, your dividend rate will be automatically calculated each month depending on your tier. So, if you're a Sapphire member, you will earn 4.00% APY*, if you're Gold tier member, you will earn 3.00% APY* and so on.

    Depending on your reward tier, your benefit will be automatically calculated at the time of service on the following items:

    • Check Cashing (>$100)
    • IRA Annual Fee
    • Official Check
    • Coin/Coin Machine
    • Domestic Wire Fee (outgoing)

    New Product Benefits

    Rewards also extend to members when they obtain new products and services from Blue. Depending on your reward tier, your benefit will be calculated at the time of opening of the following new products and services:

    Consumer Loan Rate Discount
    Share Certificate Rate Bonus
    Mortgage Loan Fee Discount

    If you have any questions on how to maximize your rewards, please contact us at 1-800-368-9328 or by clicking here.

  • How is a joint holder’s reward status calculated?

    Joint account holders do not share the rewards status of the primary account holder that they are joint on. Our Rewards for Life program is calculated around the individual account owner. If you are a joint account holder on someone else’s account AND have a primary account of your own, you will only share points on products you are joint on, as long as they are not the same product type as your personal account. You will also receive points for your personal account and years of membership. 

  • Do my children share the same rewards status as my account?

    No. Children or youth accounts will calculate the Rewards points for their accounts only, they do not get credit for their parent’s personal accounts.

  • How can I earn more points?

    We are eager to earn your business and help you reach your financial goals with our competitive products and services. You can earn additional points to increase your Rewards for Life status by utilizing certain products. Click here for more information.

  • Can I receive extra points for multiple accounts of the same product type?

    No. Only one point is awarded per product type. So if you have an Extreme Checking and a Basic Checking account that you are primary on, you will only receive one point because they are both checking accounts.

  • Are business accounts included in my rewards points total?

    No. Only personal accounts tied to a social security number are eligible for Rewards for Life status and benefits. 

  • What is a combined relationship balance and how can it help me earn more points?

    Your combined relationship balance earns you more points towards your rewards level. This is calculated by taking your total share accounts (savings, checking, CDs, Money markets, etc.) and your total loan balances (auto loan, credit card, etc.) and adding them together. So, if you have a total of $9,500 in your share accounts and owe $19,200 in loans with Blue, your combined relationships balance would be $28,700 which would earn you 2 points!

    Investments at Blue balances and First Mortgage balances are NOT included in combined relationship balances.

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