A simple way to move your automatic payments and direct deposits

When you decide to switch to Blue, our ClickSwitch online portal makes it easy to move your automated payments and direct deposits to your new account. ClickSwitch allows you to:

  • Let authorized third parties know to deduct payments from your new checking account
  • Determine your current balance and how much you will need to cover remaining expenses
  • Inform your employer of your new Blue account so they can deposit your checks directly
  • Automatically notify your old bank or credit union that you’re closing your account and transfer your remaining balance to your new account at Blue

The first step in switching is to talk to your personal financial expert. They’ll provide you with a unique access code allowing you to enter the ClickSwitch portal. They’ll also answer your questions and ensure you made it through the process.

Start switching your accounts today

You need to be a Blue member to get started with ClickSwitch. To open an account, simply do so online or stop by any Blue location when you're ready.

Get your unique switch code now

If you're planning to switch accounts, ask one of our financial experts for a ClickSwitch unique code—or get your code through our form below.