Accessing Your Credit Card Online

After you've received your Blue credit card, view your balance, make payments, view transactions & rewards, and even dispute transactions through Blue's free Online Banking.

Transactions, Payments & Balances

  • Log In To Online Banking

    You can gain full access to your credit card by enrolling or logging in to your Blue online banking account.

  • Viewing Transactions

    You can view all of your purchases and transactions in online banking by going to ACCOUNT SUMMARY and then clicking on your credit card in the Loan Accounts Summary.

  • Making a Payment

    The simplest way to make a credit card payment in online banking is to use the MAKE LOAN PAYMENTS option under the Transfer drop down menu. After selecting MAKE LOAN PAYMENT, enter the required information to make your credit card payment. There is no charge for this service. Payments made using this method are posted immediately to your account(s).

    *NOTE* You must have a valid and eligible Blue FCU share account, such as a savings or checking account, with sufficient funds to make a payment this way.

Full Credit Card Access

  • Navigating to Full Credit Card Access

    While most functions - such as transaction history and making a payment to your credit card - can be performed in Online Banking, Blue also provides cardholders with Full Card Access for functions like rewards, statements and disputing transactions.

    Gain full access to your credit card online by following these steps:

    1. Log in to your Online Banking
    2. Click on your Credit Card account listed in the “Loans” section of your Account Summary
    3. Click the “Full Credit Card” access button

    Ensure all popup blockers are disabled on your internet browser.

  • Adding a New Card

    During your first visit to Full Card Access, you will be required to enter your card information over a secured connection. If you wish to add additional cards, you can do so in Full Card Access by selecting MANAGE CARDS from the Services menu. Once there, select ADD CARD.

  • Viewing & Redeeming Rewards (Rewards Cardholders Only)

    To view your rewards in Full Card Access view, select CREDIT CARD & REWARDS under the My Accounts drop down. Ensure you pop up blockers are disabled on your browser.

    In the Credit Card Full Access Portal, click the CU REWARDS button to the right of the screen. Your rewards information will display on the next screen. To redeem your rewards, click the CU REWARDS button in the information screen to be taken to the CU Rewards redemption website.

  • View Credit Card Statements

    To view your full credit card statement, click the CREDIT CARD & REWARDS link in the My Accounts drop down to be taken to the full credit cards site. Ensure all popup blockers are disabled on your browser.

    Once there, select STATEMENT & ACTIVITIES to view your latest statement information.

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