Change Account View

  • Nicknaming Accounts

    Nicknaming accounts can easily be done in Online Banking to rename your Blue accounts so they appear to your preference after logging in. To do this, click the EDIT link below the accounts summary heading. In the next screen, type the nicknames your want next to each account in the Nickname column and click SAVE.

  • Hiding Accounts with Favorites View

    If you wish only to view certain accounts in Online Banking, you can do so by using the "Favorites" view. To toggle this view, click the EDIT link below the Account Summary heading. In the next screen, check the boxes only next to the accounts you want to view and then click SAVE. Once you have returned to the Account Summary screen, click the OPTIONS link underneath the Account Summary heading and select Show Only Favorite Accounts.


Loan Information & Payments

Credit Card Access

  • How do I view my payment due date and amount for my credit card?

    In the ACCOUNT SUMMARY screen, click the credit card in which you wish to view. In the transaction history of the credit card, click FULL CARD ACCESS at the top of the page. This will take you to your Full Card Access portal. Ensure popups are disabled on your browser.

  • Can I make a credit card payment in Online Banking?

    Yes. To make payments to your credit card, select MAKE A LOAN PAYMENT under theTransfers tab. You must have a Blue share account with eligible funds to use this option. Payments are posted immediately using this option.


  • How do I transfer between my accounts?

    Select TRANSFER MONEY under the Transfers tab in Online Banking to transfer between your accounts that appear in your Online Banking account summary.

  • How do I transfer money to another member?

    Select TRANSFER TO ANOTHER MEMBER under the Transfers tab in Online Banking to transfer between your account(s) and another Blue member.

     *NOTE* Ensure you are entering the information in the correct format as guided in this transferring screen.

  • Advancing from a Line of Credit

    If you have an eligible Line of Credit, you can advance from it to your eligible share in Online Banking. Select ADVANCE FROM CREDIT LINE under the Transfers tab in Online Banking to advance from your eligible Line of Credit into your share account(s). 

  • Schedule a Recurring Transfer

    To set up a scheduled and/or recurring transfer, select SCHEDULED TRANSFER under the Transfers tab.

     *NOTE* Existing scheduled transfers cannot be edited. They must be deleted and set up again to change.

  • Regulation D Limitations & Fees

    Some members who transfer frequently from their savings account(s) are subject to certain federal regulations and fees. See our member disclosures for more information on Regulation D transferring limits and fees.

Bill pay

  • I’m new to bill pay, how do I enroll?

    You must have a valid Blue checking account to use bill pay. Simply click on the BILL PAY tab and you will be guided through the enrollment process. Bill pay is free for Blue members.

    Here's a quick video that will guide you through the process.

    If you have any questions, call (844) 357-0678 and we'll be happy to help.

  • How do I set up a new payee in Bill Pay?

    To set up a new payee in Bill Pay, simply click Add Payee in the main screen of Bill Pay. 


    On the next screen add the payee's details and the account you would like to pay from. You will need account number(s) and/or routing number, depending on who you set up.


    If you have any questions, call (844) 357-0678 and we'll be happy to help.

  • How quickly are the payments made using Bill Pay debited from my Blue checking account?

    Your payment will be deducted from your account on the process date you set up when you schedule your payment. You will be able to see an estimate for when the payment will reach your payee.

    Bill Pay users assume liability for fees assessed on any stop payments placed on checks issued through Bill Pay. For more information, please see our Bill Pay Disclosure.

    If you have any questions, call (844) 357-0678 and we'll be happy to help.

  • I can’t see pending payments or scheduled payments in my Bill Pay.

    Only payments scheduled to be paid in the next 45 days are displayed inside the bill pay system.

    If you have any questions, call (844) 357-0678 and we'll be happy to help.

  • Where can I find my bill pay history?

    In order to access your bill pay history, you must be viewing bill pay from a desktop computer.

    - First, ensure your pop-up blocker in your browser is disabled or will allow you to access
    - In the far right hand column of bill pay, select "Click Here" under the 'I want to...' area
    - This will pop open the full bill pay site, you may need to accept the terms and conditions the first time
    - Next, click "View History" at the bottom of your payees list (you may need to scroll down)
    - This will open the history screen and you can click "History prior to 02/27/2017" 
    - This will show 12 months of history which is our standard in bill pay​

    If you have any additional questions you may contact us at (844) 357-0678.

  • Why can I only pay from my checking account?

    Bill Pay is only intended to be used as a transactional function within valid Blue checking account.

    If you have any questions, call (844) 357-0678 and we'll be happy to help.

  • What is an eBill?

    eBills are electronic versions of paper bills. An eBill arrives from a biller into your bill pay account service the same way a paper bill arrives from a biller into your mailbox. Bill pay allows you to view all your eBills—as well as account balances, transactions and statement information—in one convenient place.


  • How can I change my password?

    To change your password after you’ve logged into Online Banking, click CHANGE PASSWORD under the Settings tab. 

  • How can I change my username?

    To change your username after you’ve logged into Online Banking, click CHANGE USERNAME under the Settings tab. 


  • What is MoneyTracker?

    MoneyTracker is a personal finance manager tool within Online Banking that allows you to track your spending, track the categories in which you spend, set up budgets, and customize a spending plan for your Blue share and loan account(s).

  • I want to set up a spending category

    To set up or edit a spending category, click on TRANSACTION CATEGORIES underMoneyTracker and either edit the existing categories or click the green plus sign in the top right-hand corner to add a new category. 

  • I want to set up a budget in MoneyTracker

    Click on TRANSACTION CATEGORIES under MoneyTracker and enter a budget using the edit icon of each category.


  • How do I view my account statements?

    Click STATEMENTS & TAX INFO under the Services tab. Ensure all browser popup blockers are disabled. 

  • How do I view my credit card statement?

    Click CREDIT CARDS & REWARDS under the My Accounts tab. Ensure all browser popup blockers are disabled.

  • How can I request an official check?

    Click CHECK REQUEST under the Services tab and complete the required information. Allow 7 – 10 days to receive your check.

  • I need to place a Stop Payment on a check.

    Click STOP CHECK PAYMENT under the Services tab and complete the required information.

    *NOTE* There is a $25 fee per stop check payment issue. See the member disclosure for more information.

  • I need to order checks online

    Click ORDER CHECKS under the Services tab. Ensure your popup blockers are disabled on your browser.

    *NOTE* You must have ordered checks over the phone or within a branch at least once to use this option. If you have not ordered checks before, please call us at 1-800-368-9328 to order over the phone.

  • I need to calculate a loan payoff amount

    Click CALCULATE LOAN PAYOFF under the Services tab for eligible loans and fill in the required information.

  • I want to apply for a loan in Online Banking

    Click APPLY FOR A LOAN under the Services tab. You will be redirected to Blue's secured Online Loan Application.

    *NOTE* Credit pulls are required for Loan Application using this option.