Protect your account from fraud with the CardNav app

Blue is proud to offer the CardNav mobile app, allowing you to have greater control over your debit cards.

The CardNav app, provided by Co-Op Financial Services, allows you to receive real-time alerts via your mobile device when specified activity occurs on your card.  This allows you to immediately identify unauthorized transactions and gives you the ability to temporarily turn your card off to avoid further unauthorized charges. You will also be able to set your alert preferences for how you want to be notified and view recent transactions in the CardNav app.

CardNav gives you total control over your debit and credit cards

Turn any card on, or off—in seconds. Perfect for safety, security… and those scary moments when you’re not quite sure where your card might be.

You can limit your card capabilities through the following categories:

  • Locations

    • Limit your card to only be used in certain geographic locations.  Transactions attempted outside your enabled parameters will not be authorized.

  • Transaction Types

    • Limit your card to be used only for certain transaction types – in-store, online, ATM, phone orders, etc.
  • Spend Limits

    • Set a spending threshold for your card per transaction.  Transactions attempted that are over your indicated spending limit will not be authorized.
  • Merchant Types

    • Enable your card to be used only at certain merchants – retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, etc.

  • Set-up real-time alerts when your card is used outside of your chosen preferences.

The CardNav app is free!

Download on the Apple App store

Download on Google Play