We help you manage the unexpected.

When you have an expense you didn’t plan for, your relationship with Blue may keep you on track with your finances. Blue’s Skip-A-Payment program lets you skip a monthly payment for a small fee on qualifying Blue loans. Our financial experts are also here to recommend other options to help you manage payments, such as loan refinancing. To learn more, verify your eligibility below or get in touch with us. To ensure your loan is eligible, please ensure you check our skip-a-payment loan type exclusions.

See if you qualify.

We encourage financial responsibility, so your loan needs to be in good standing to use Skip-A-Payment. Check the boxes that apply to you below to see if you may qualify. Note: $40 dollar Skip-a-Payment fee cannot be pulled from another financial institution.



You may be eligible to skip-a-payment. Click on the link below to go to a secure form to request the skip-a-payment. Please note, if you are wanting to do a skip-a-payment for more than two loans, you will need to repeat this process for each loan.

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