Skip-a-Payment - exclusive for Blue members!

Blue's Skip-a-Payment program lets you skip a monthly payment for a small fee on your qualifying Blue loan. To learn more, verify your eligibility below or get in touch with us. To ensure your loan is eligible, please ensure you check our skip-a-payment loan type exclusions.

enroll through online banking
  • See if you qualify

    We encourage financial responsibility, so your loan needs to be in good standing to use Skip-a-Payment. Ensure you meet the following criteria:

    • I have made the last three months payments and am not delinquent on my loan
    • I have not done more than 3 skip-a-pays in the current calendar year on my loan
    • I have not done more than 8 skip-a-pays in the life of the loan
    • I am enrolled and can access my online banking

Note: In order to enroll online, you must have $40 available in a Blue checking or savings account. If you do not have funds in an eligible account, it's easy to do. MoneyMover allows you to transfer funds from another financial institution.

When you're ready to get started, log in to online banking and click Skip-A-Pay under the Services tab.