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Refinance your car, RV, motorcycle, ATV - and even your boat - with Blue today to get fantastic rates, term flexibility, and no payments for 45 days. Even if you purchased and financed your vehicle with someone else, Blue may be able to refinance your loan for a lower interest rate. Plus, your loan can earn you more points with Rewards for Life.

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As a member of Blue, you have access to loan products that can help you focus on the more important things in life. Apply to refinance your auto loan with Blue and you’ll earn Rewards that count towards future discounts!

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If you’ve got an adventurous side and own an RV, camper, jet ski, boat, or snowmobile, you can apply for a recreational loan through Blue. Financing through us is just part of the fun, as your loan balance earns you more Rewards

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Motorcycle loans

Motorcycles and ATVs

Hit the road and leave high loan rates behind. Make your dream of hitting the open road or back-road trails without worrying about how much you're paying. With Blue’s motorcycle and ATV loans, you’ll get a competitive interest rate and earn Reward points.

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