When Buying From a Dealer

You will need the following when you are purchasing a vehicle from a dealer:

  • A copy of the purchase agreement—this should show the amount you want to finance
  • The dealership contact information—so we can verify the purchase information
  • Proof of auto insurance

When Buying From a Private Party

You will need the following information when purcahsing your vehicle from an individual seller:

  • Seller's name, address, & phone number
  • A copy of the front & back of the title
  • Copy of non-expired government issued identification for all parties listed on the title
  • Proof of auto insurance
  • Total purchase price
  • VIN Inspection completed by local DMB or Police Station
  • Bill of Sale

If the vehicle is currently financed by the seller, please also obtain the lien holder's name and account number with a 20 day Payoff Letter—request must be initiated by the seller.

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