Get paid up to 30x more!

Blue offers the Sky High Savings account, so you can switch over and save a whole lot more than you are now. At 1.30% APY*, it’s up to 30 times more than what other banks and credit unions offer. Numbers don’t lie. Especially when they multiply the money in your account. You can open yours online today!

Benefits of Sky High Savings

  • No minimum balance required to earn dividends
  • No max, save and earn as much as you want
  • No terms
  • No catch

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Use promo code: SAATHEE to waive the $5 membership fee. Application must be completed online. 

Savings Calculator

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Up to 30x our competitors!

$35,000 in your savings
1.30% APY* Sky High rate
amount you'll earn over a year*

Dare to Compare

Competing Bank Fee Minimum to Open APY* Yearly Earnings
Enter your own
Blue’s Sky High Savings® $0.00 $0.00 1.30%
Chase® $5.00/mo $25.00 0.01%
US Bank® $4.00/mo $25.00 0.01%
Ally Bank® $0.00 $0.00 1.75% Why Blue?
1st Bank® $5.00/qtr $100.00 0.10%
Wells Fargo® $5.00/mo $25.00 0.01%

Why Blue?

Sometimes online only banks can beat our amazing rates by a few basis points. Don’t be fooled by these competitor’s rates, you give up a level of personal service that can only be found at a local credit union like Blue.

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