Courtesy Pay may now cover you up to $1,000

Blue is now offering even more overdraft protection to members opted into Courtesy Pay. Courtesy Pay may cover insufficient funds in the event you accidentally spend over your available checking limit up to $1,000  – giving you even more peace of mind.

Protection when you need it
Courtesy Pay may cover insufficient fund transactions up to a $1,000 limit. (including fees)

The choice is yours
You can opt-in or out of this service at any time.

Avoid declined purchases

Each overdraft transaction will incur a courtesy fee of $30.


What do you need to know about share overdrafts and fees?

  • An overdraft occurs when there isn't enough money in an account to cover a purchase, but we may pay it at our discretion with a $30 fee.
  • By opting-in to courtesy pay, we may authorize and pay overdrafts on purchases and automatic bill pay transactions.
  • ​We DO NOT authorize and pay overdrafts for ATM transactions or one-time debit card transactions unless you opt-in for that service. 
  • ​An NSF fee is charged each time an item is presented against NSF funds. The payee (or the payee’s institution) may represent a previously returned item. Each presentment against insufficient funds will result in a separate fee. 
  • Courtesy Pay fees will not exceed five (5) per day.
Keep in mind ... 

While it is not an invitation to overdraw an account, it is an added layer of safety for accidental overdrafts.

Business Account?

Click here to learn about your automatic enrollment into Courtesy Pay.

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