Our Blue MasterCard debit card offers acceptance at millions of locations worldwide. 

Using your MasterCard debit is safer than carrying a lot of cash. Plus, you'll have Zero Liability® for any unauthorized purchases, which means great peace of mind.

MasterCard Benefits

  • Extended Warranty
  • Price Protection (not included on Business Debit)
  • MasterPassTM
  • Zero Liability† to protect you against unauthorized purchases

Remember, when using your MasterCard debit for purchases, it is safer to choose the "CREDIT" option rather than "DEBIT".

Keep in mind that to prevent fraud, Blue and MasterCard will NEVER ask you to provide your personal information or card number over the phone. If you ever feel your card has been compromised, be sure to call us a 1-800-368-9328 or report a card dispute right away.

Choose your favorite design

We have a variety of designs on our standard Blue debit card. Get a free one when you open your Blue checking account!


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