Look for long-term growth in your business

Business Term Shares are the perfect choice for no-risk savings and allow you to save and earn money by locking into our highest dividends rates. If you don’t need access to your funds for a set period of time, a certificate will allow you to lock in our best dividend rates. All of our rates are updated monthly and are subject to change without notice any time. The best way to open your next business account with Blue is to stop in or call one of our financial experts at 1-800-368-9328. Find a branch location nearest you!

Business Term Share Accounts

Length of Term APY*
6-month 0.30%
12-month 0.50%
24-month 0.70%
36-month 0.90%
48-month 1.10%
60-month 1.20%
Business Term Share

Minimum to open and earn dividends $5,000. Dividends compounded and paid monthly. Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.

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