Welcome back for another update on the construction progress of our new Fort Collins branch, located at the intersection of Drake and Timberline Road. It’s been about a month since we last visited the site, and winter weather has arrived!

The exterior finishes on the building are underway now, and the framing and insulation are now complete.  Crews are working under plastic to install fiber cement board and waterproofing material that requires a warm temperature to cure.  Once cured, tile will be installed on the exterior.  These crews will move around the building dismantling and reassembling the scaffolding and plastic enclosures as they go.

FCI Constructors and their sub-contractors built a mock-up of the exterior featuring the tile and fiber cement material.  The fiber cement tile is designed to look like stained wood, but is a more durable product for the harsh Colorado weather. 

The last time we visited the interior space of the branch, it was just an open room.  Framers have been in and started building the walls that will make up the offices, work areas, and restrooms inside the branch.  This new branch will feature a teller pod rather than a traditional teller line.  This is a feature we first introduced at our Huron and Boulder branches.  The teller pod allows the financial specialists to act as more of a concierge, permitting the transactions between financial specialists and members to have a more consultative feel.  There will be offices for a branch manager, financial specialists, a mortgage specialist, and an investment advisor.  We’ll also be adding a self-serve coin counter to the lobby vestibule.  We are just 90 days away from occupying this new building!

The next time we visit the Drake branch, it will look entirely different.  The window walls and storefront are expected to arrive soon.  Interior finishes will continue in December as well.  We’re still on track for a late-February opening.  Stay tuned for another update on our progress next month!