We’re back at the Drake branch for another construction update!  It’s been about another month since we last visited.  The wind and winter weather have been a bit brutal the last few weeks, but crews are moving along inside and out!

The exterior materials on the north side of the building are mostly complete, and the tile and fiber cement board are installed on this side of the building.  Crews are moving from the south side of the building and will work their way from west to east.  The last time we visited the site, the 32-foot tower was wrapped in plastic so masons could install the slate tile.  It’s now complete and has quite the commanding presence at the site! The steel grate at the top will feature a back-lit Blue Federal Credit Union channel letter sign.  The entrance to the branch is beneath the tower.

The last time we toured the interior of the branch, the framers were just finishing up the walls.  Now, the drywall is complete and the first coat of paint has been applied.  The wood soffit above the teller pod is also complete and will feature decorative LED lighting.  Casework is being installed in both the work area and the staff break room.  The window frames are installed, as is the window wall on the west side of the building.  Tile in the restrooms is complete as well!

While visiting the site, we were able to chat with Luke Murphy, the superintendent for FCI Constructors.  When asked what his favorite part about working on the Drake branch was, Luke replied that it was working with the Blue Federal Credit Union team. “The whole process between designing, developing the schedule, making sure intents were being met, it’s been a great experience so far,” said Luke.  Additionally, the most challenging aspect has been pouring exterior concrete in this weather. “Unfortunately it’s this time of the year, but the work still has to get done and we will do some extra steps to make sure that happens.” Luke’s favorite piece about the building is the entryway and the big stone tile tower.  “It has a great architectural aspect to it as you’re entering the building.  It’s great; it’s one of those rewarding things you build, and then step back and look at it.”

Our next update from the construction site will most likely be our last, as the construction will be wrapping up in the next 30 days.  Stay tuned for an announcement about the grand opening for our new Drake branch!