Blue is focused on making your financial success as easy as possible, especially as we begin to emerge from this uncertain and challenging pandemic. Our seminars are available and free to the public. We’re here to help you thrive and guide you towards a better tomorrow.

Seminars available include:

Basic Budgeting 
Increasing Home Value Without Spending A Lot of Money
Home Repairs and Insurance
Wise Use of Credit Cards
Financial Hacks
The ABC's of Credit
Car Buying 101
Retirement Planning
Budgeting During Tough Times
Understanding and Building Your Credit Score

We will provide tools and encouragement through virtual seminars. Please register by filling out the form below.

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  • October Seminars

    Oct. 1st  

         12:00 -  1:00 - Financial Hacks

    Oct. 6th  

         12:00 - 1:00 -  ABC’s of Credit

    Oct. 8th   

         4:00 - 5:00 - Home Repairs and Insurance

    Oct. 13th  

         4:00 – 5:00 - Wise Use of Credit Cards

    Oct. 15th

         12:00 - 1:00  Car Buying

    Oct. 20th  

         4:00 - 5:00  Retirement Planning 

    Oct. 22nd   

         4:00 – 5:00  Financial Hacks

    Oct. 27th   

         12:00 - 1:00  Budgeting During Tough Times

    Oct. 29th  

         4:00 - 5:00  Understanding and Building Your Credit Score

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