True Blue 2030 Master Plan

With our True Blue 2030 Master Plan in place, we are energetically looking toward our next decade of growth while embracing our core values: Boundless Optimism, Unwavering Confidence, Uniquely Us, Over the Top.

With this master plan, we are actively seeking to be the lifelong champion of our members and create community connections to transform the financial services experience. Ultimately, we desire to help our members and communities discover pathways to realize their possibilities.

In the next few months, a group of selected Blue members will receive an invitation from us to participate in a few pilot programs that we have been developing over this last year. We designed these pilot programs with member experience in mind. Should you receive an invite to participate in one of these groups, we strongly encourage you to join.

The pilot groups include:

  • A subscription package that will offer differentiated benefits & services
  • POD-based employee groups that will serve as ‘Champions on Call’ for any member of the subscription package pilot
  • A mortgage product that will connect charitable members to those who lack the cash required for a down payment

Pilot Program Timing

We are aiming to kick-off these groups at the beginning of 2022. Again, the success of these pilots will depend on the participation of those invited, which is why we encourage you to participate if you receive an email invitation.

Thank you for your membership. We look forward to serving as your lifelong champion! - Stephanie Teubner

Number of Participants in Subscription Service is limited during BETA testing period. Participants responsible for paying monthly service fee in advance of receiving benefits. At close of BETA testing period, membership will return to previous membership rewards tier. Insured by NCUA.