Meet Your Nominees!

Three Board of Directors positions are vacant. The Nominating and Board Development Committee, following a review of all nominee applications submitted, has nominated the following individuals for election to the Board of Directors. The nominees for the vacant positions are Teresa Kunkel, Robert Luna, and Ashley Miller.

Read more about the nominees below!

Teresa Kunkel

Board Member

Teresa worked for the State of Wyoming for 33 years with the Department of Revenue and the State Auditor’s Office in accounting. She worked as an Insurance Examiner for 9 years with the Department of Insurance and recently worked as the CFO for the School Facilities Department. She also prepared taxes for 20 years and owned her own practice for 12 of those years. In addition, she served as Treasurer for the board of another credit union and was a member of the Wyoming Association of Public Accountants (WAPA) from 1995-2012. Teresa is currently Treasurer for the Women’s Civic League of Cheyenne and is involved in other volunteer organizations. She enjoys her family, golf, and traveling. She and her husband have two sons and two grandsons.

Robert Luna

Board Member

Robert Luna has been a member of the Credit Union since 1973. He has served on the Board of Directors since 1994, with the exception of a small break for 1½ years. He served as Chair for four years. He retired from the City of Boulder in 2006 and is now co-owner of four Boulder County Real Estate Offices. Robert and his wife have two daughters who are very active in multiple sports. Robert and his family enjoy traveling.

Ashley Miller

Board Member