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Title and Lien Frequently Asked Questions

After seven (7) calendar days we mail the title to the pay-off address. Unless the loan is paid-off in cash or via wire, then we send the title out the next calendar day.

The title is sent to whoever paid-off the loan.

Please send a request to: [email protected]

The lien release will be put in the mail within two business days.

We can provide a status of your title work, please email: [email protected]

No, Blue does not pay registration fees.

Electronic titles are held by the state. Blue received electronic title numbers from every state, so we can tell you if your title is electronic or not.

An electronic title is held by the state. Once the loan is paid in full, we send the lien release request to the state and the state will mail a title to you.

An out of state request is used to transfer your title from the current state it is held in to the state you have relocated to. This form/process allows you to register your vehicle in your new state.

Please contact your local DMV to provide an “Out of State Request,” the DMV can email the request to [email protected] or fax 307-316-0733.

Once we have the request and the title, we mail both documents to the DMV and they will process a new title and send the title back to us. At that time, you may register your vehicle.