Supporting Our Community Through Educational Scholarships

The Blue Foundation is thrilled to announce that it can once again provide $12,500 to support our members achieve their educational goals. Learn more today!

Supporting Our Community Through Educational Scholarships

What could you do with an extra $2,000?

The answer is probably a lot if you're anything like our previous scholarship winners. In 2022 we gave $12,500 in higher education scholarships to seven outstanding credit union members. With that money, the scholarship winners could breathe easier and focus more on their studies, knowing that the financial burden of pursuing an education and setting themselves up for their future just got much less complicated.

The Blue Foundation is thrilled to announce that it can once again provide $12,500 to support our members in their efforts to achieve their goals.

Blue Foundation President Jim Wood said it best when he explained, "One of our favorite activities of the year at the Blue Foundation is reviewing all the scholarship applicants. We are always blown away by the caliber of students that apply."

All of us at Blue agree.

One of our recent winners is well on their way to achieving a Doctorate of Education in English. As a future teacher, they know that their prospective students' learning will reflect their education.

Another is pursuing a career in biomedical engineering to develop new technologies and treatments to improve the lives of their community - a cause that's deeply personal to them after suffering a debilitating injury when they were young.

Every year our applicants inspire and remind us why we do our work. We know that the connection between financial security and the ability to achieve our dreams is vital. Because we work daily to support our credit union members so they can make their dreams come true, we're so thankful to have the opportunity to go even further and give back to the Blue Foundation.

In memory of Myrtle Knight, six scholarships of $2,000 will be awarded to current high school seniors who are Blue Federal Credit Union members through the Blue Foundation Scholarship. Additionally, one student attending Laramie County Community College in Wyoming will receive the Shirley Howard Blue Foundation Scholarship of $500.

These scholarships are about so much more than just the money. They're an opportunity for us to serve our community, and our community means everything to us.

We're here to support the future thinkers, doers, and leaders who will transform Wyoming, Colorado, and the world for the better in every way we can.

The scholarship application is open now through April 1st. Applicants must be Blue Federal Credit Union members, have a share savings account in their name, graduate in the spring of 2023, and plan to attend a trade school, college, or university in the fall. To learn more and apply, visit

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