Jason Harris wins Blue's 2019 Spirit of Service Award

Help us congratulate Jason!

2019 Spirit of Service Award

Here at Blue, we have four core values that are the driving force of who we are: boundless optimism, unwavering confidence, uniquely us, and over-the-top. Every year, we honor one of our employees who went over-the-top to help a member, employee or someone in our community, with an award called the Spirit of Service.

What is the Spirit of Service Award?

The Spirit of Service Award was dedicated to a former employee, Linda Oligschlaeger. Linda was a member of the Blue team from 1991 until 2000, when Blue’s shining star lost her battle with cancer. Linda O, as she was affectionately known, was the epitome of “Service that Matters.” Always smiling whether it was on the phone or face to face, she touched so many with a genuine smile, a warm hello and sincere concern. Every day was a good day with many unaware of the daily struggle she dealt with. The Spirit of Service was created to honor team members who, like Linda, strive to care for others, share and give their best effort, to be fair in their dealings, be there in heart and spirit and be square and hold onto the positive.

How do you become a nominee to win the Spirit of Service Award?

When employees go above and beyond in their role, their coworkers can nominate them for an Over-The-Top award. From those winners, one Spirit of Service nominee will be made for the quarter. At the end of the year, the Spirit of Service Team gets together and reviews the four nominees and narrows down to a single winner. When picking the winner, the team looks for WOW experiences that the employee has created for coworkers or members and consistently shows the true Spirit of Service!

Please help us congratulate our 2019 Spirit of Service winner, Jason Harris!

Jason is a First Mortgage Loan Officer at the 7th Avenue Branch in Cheyenne. His nomination comes from Lisa Cardona, who is the Laramie Branch Manager.

"I have always had a great deal of respect for Jason due to his prompt follow up, friendliness and his work ethic. Over the Labor Day weekend, he blew me away with his way over the top service. Jason is currently doing a mortgage for my dad and soon to be step-mom. On Sunday, my husband and I traveled to Cheyenne to help them move to their new house and when we got there Jason was hard at work loading a trailer. He stayed and helped with so many heavy items and I don't know how we could have done it without him! My dad had a double knee replacement a few months ago and my husband is still recovering from a bad back injury, so his help was appreciated more than he knows! Thanks for bringing the muscle Jason!"

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