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An impressive project which features a stunningly beautiful "Mountain, Industrial, Modern" motif.

We are so excited to share with you that our new Blue Federal Credit Union World Headquarters Campus is complete!

We are so excited to share with you that our new Blue Federal Credit Union World Headquarters Campus is complete!

With a south facing glass curtain wall and large overhanging roof, the Community Building is visually spectacular. It is home to a large community meeting banquet hall and a café kitchen on the first floor. This space, available to staff by day and the community after-hours for special events, will play host to many corporate functions and community gatherings. In the center of the campus, a plaza has been added. The Plaza will provide an outstanding setting for summer musical performances, member BBQs, and peaceful moments of family play.

The Blue World Headquarters Campus and Blue Diamond Center is an outstanding addition to this thriving Cheyenne community.

Blue is excited to share this development with our members and the entire region. We invite you to watch for future information regarding community and open-house events as we make our way through COVID-19 and overcome this obstacle. Once we are able, we will be inviting the community to come see the new campus.

The new Blue Diamond Center branch anchors the retail buildings.

This branch is a full-function location ready to provide for all your financial and banking needs with two drive-thru Video Teller Machine/ATM lanes. Also near the Blue Diamond Center branch are several available retail spaces. Currently vacant core and shells, these units are ready for interior tenant finishes. Every one of these store fronts has great visibility and exposure to high street traffic and plaza views. All these units are immediately available for leasing and development.

Watch the Exciting Video Below of the Building Under Construction!

“Currently we have support departments located in three separate locations, including support spaces in our branches located at 7th Ave and Yellowstone Rd. We will be looking into other options for the vacated spaces in these facilities. The remaining staff are in rented facilities which we will vacate."

Michele Bolkovatz, Vice President of Public Relations for Blue FCU

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