Blue Federal Credit Union Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Cheyenne, WY. — Blue Federal Credit Union is celebrating 70 years of serving the community and its members. Federally chartered in 1951, founding members realized that together, they could help each other achieve more than they could on their own. That mentality, people helping people, has remained a core tenant 70 years later.

“Blue Federal Credit Union has always, and continues to look ahead at what is possible, all the while honoring and reflecting on where we have been. As Blue approaches over 70 years of being in business, this continues to ring true,” says Stephanie Teubner, President and CEO of Blue. “We are honored to be a trusted co-pilot to our more than 100,000 worldwide members as well as being a pillar in the communities we serve.”

To celebrate Blue’s growth and honor Blue’s past, a week of activities are planned at both Blue’s 18 branches and at its World Headquarters in Cheyenne Wyoming. A vintage car show will be taking place, as well as celebrations open to the public Monday and Wednesday respectively at Blue World Headquarters. “It is not every day a trusted, longstanding community-oriented organization turns 70. In fact, our 70th anniversary is such a significant milestone, we have dedicated an entire week to celebrating our wonderful members!” says Michele Bolkovatz, Vice President of Public Relations and Membership Development. “We are blessed and welcome members to celebrate with us whether in Cheyenne, or in one of our branches. Blue would not exist today as a strong financial institution without our members ant the communities we serve. We are thankful for their trust and privilege to take care of them and their families for generations.”

Looking back over 70 years of history has inspired the new generation of Blue employees and members to look to what is possible. With a new, 20 year strategic plan as well as exciting long-term partnerships up and down the Front Range of Wyoming and Colorado, Blue has its sights set to the horizon ahead.

As Blue crosses the over 70 years of being in business, this continues to ring true. At Blue Federal Credit Union, the best is yet to come, Blue Skies are always ahead.

For more information about the 70th anniversary of Blue Federal Credit Union as well as how to get involved in the celebrations visit

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