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Save Faster with Rewards and Better Rates

As a member-owner, you’ll earn even more interest with your savings.

At Blue, we have a wide range of savings accounts that can help you save for what matters most to you. Saving with Blue has its benefits:

  • Like our checking accounts, you’ll earn Rewards for Life on your savings account balances.

  • Bank from anywhere—in person, online, or on your phone.

  • We offer accounts that fit your lifestyle, wherever you're at.

Accelerate your path to financial freedom.

Take advantage of Blue's Accelerated Savings account, which earns you 5.00% APY* on a balance up to $1,000. Withdraw from it whenever you'd like, or watch your savings grow.

  • Minimum daily balance of $25.00 required to earn dividends
  • Low $5 transfer per month into your Accelerated Savings account to earn dividends
  • Maximum balance $1,000. When your account is over $1,000, the rate drops to 0.10% APY*
  • Dividends calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Rates are subject to change
    Make deposits to your account at any time

Minimum daily balance of $25.00 required to earn dividends. Dividends compounded daily and paid monthly. Requires at least one monthly deposit (other than dividend). Limit one per social security number.

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Benefits of Sky High savings:

  • No minimum balance required to earn dividends
  • No max, save and earn as much as you want
  • No terms
  • No catch

Annual Percentage Yield. Rate is effective January 1, 2021. Subject to change without notice. Dividends compounded monthly. No minimum balance required to open. Insured by NCUA.

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Start saving now and enjoy when family matters most.

A Christmas Club account is a great way to start saving throughout the year for a one lump sum withdrawal right before the holidays. You can earn 1.25% APY* on balances up to $5,000! Christmas Club Accounts are FREE of charge for Blue members.

Set up our Christmas Club account today by visiting any of our conveniently located branches or give us a call at 1-800-368-9328 anytime.

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These are a no-risk savings option also known as "CDs" or "Certificates of Deposit". The longer the term, the better the rate. Your money is also Insured by the NCUA, giving you even more peace of mind.

Transferring your money to a Blue Money Market account could earn you a higher rate and give you more access to your money through checks — plus, there’s no monthly fee to maintain the account.

Money Market Features:

  • Minimum $1,000 balance on Tiered Money Markets
  • Dividends are compounded and paid monthly
  • Unlimited deposits once the account is established
  • No minimum withdrawal amount

  • Opening balance $100,000
  • Minimum balance $2,500 to earn dividends
  • Dividends are compounded and paid monthly
  • Unlimited deposits once the account is established
  • No minimum withdrawal amount

Individual Retirement Accounts

  • $2,000 minimum investment
  • No setup fee
  • Low annual fee (no fee for Gold and Sapphire members)
  • No fee for incoming transfers or rollovers from an IRA or 401(k)
  • IRAs are insured up to $250,000

If you have a 401(k) from a previous employer or are retiring, there is generally a deadline to rollover the funds in order to keep its tax-deferred status.

2019-20 Maximum Traditional or Roth IRA Contributions

2019-20 Maximum “Catch-up” Contribution

$1,000.00 if IRA owner is 50 or over

  • Direct Transfer - Unlimited direct transfers, which move IRA funds from one IRA to another, requires no IRS reporting.
  • Direct Rollovers - Funds withdrawn from qualified plans to be put in an IRA are reported to the IRS but allows the member to avoid the mandatory 20% withholding that would take place if they took cash distribution. Direct distribution from a qualified plan may be placed in an IRA.

Please consult your financial advisor on your maximum annual contributions.(IRAs) will grow over time with compounding interest. These accounts can come with certain tax benefits so be sure to consult your tax advisor when opening an IRA account.

Supplemental Savings

A supplemental savings is an additional savings account that you can add any time to your account. While this differs from the Share Savings account (which keeps your membership open with Blue), these accounts are a great way to organize your finances and create savings "buckets" for special projects or needs - such as funds to save for your annual car insurance premiums or even that rainy day!

A supplemental share savings has no minimum balance to open, but you must keep a $25.00 daily balance or more to earn your maximum dividend.

Membership Share Savings

A member’s first Share Savings account establishes their membership at Blue Federal Credit Union. The motto “once a member, always a member” applies as long as the Share account remains open. This provides voting privileges and eligibility to use all credit union products and services!

Open a Share savings:

  • See if you're eligible to join Blue
  • You must have at least $5.00 to open your Share Savings account. This amount keeps your membership open.
  • You must keep a $25.00 daily balance or more to earn your maximum dividend

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