Fill out a donation request

Looking for a sponsorship or donation for your next event or cause? 

The credit union is dedicated to assisting our members with community-related causes. Donation sponsorships are available for request at any time, however our Cause Committee evaluates donation requests once per month and not all donation requests will be fulfilled. If you have questions regarding the status of your funding request, please contact us at 1-307-432-5402. We work hard to provide follow-up to all requesting parties regardless of fulfillment decision.

Common donation requests include:

  • Fundraisers for individuals
  • Youth sports league sponsorships
  • Tournament sponsorships 

Are you part of a 501(c)(3)?

If you are requesting funding on behalf of a non-profit organization, the Blue Foundation awards grants for this type of request. Please click here to learn more about the grant process and to see if you are eligible.