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Introducing Blue's Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs)

Virtual Teller Machines are revolutionizing the ATM systems we all know. A VTM allows users to interact with tellers virtually. Find out more here.

We’re dedicated to building authentic connections with our members. As banking technology changes, we know members may worry about getting trapped in an automated, detached system. But members don’t have to worry about that at Blue. Our dedication to connecting with you is why we are revolutionizing our ATM systems and switching to Virtual Teller Machines (VTMs) at our branch locations.

What is a VTM?

A VTM looks like a high-tech version of an ATM, with the added convenience of real-time, face-to-face conversations via video. In addition to dispensing money, a VTM accomplishes the same experience or higher than a traditional in-branch interaction. The virtual teller can guide a member through every step of a transaction and answer questions about their account. After hours, the VTM acts the same as a traditional ATM.

You may have noticed that some of our branches no longer have traditional drive-up teller windows. Instead, you pull up to a Blue branded ATM with a touch screen. These high-tech machines are our new VTMs. You might be wondering - how is a VTM different from an ATM? Think of a VTM as a local Blue branch in a box. It combines the simplicity and functionality of an ATM with the personalized connection of the teller window - except better. When you roll up to one of Blue’s VTMs, you can speak with a team member located at our World Headquarters in Cheyenne, WY. This is done through a video conference call instead of through an intercom so you receive the same personalized service, just as you would inside any of our branches.

With Blue’s VTMs, members can confidently conduct most of their banking business without losing the authentic connection we pride ourselves on here at Blue. VTMs allow services like:

  • Withdrawing cash - with higher withdrawal limits than ATMs.
  • Depositing or cashing checks.
  • Conducting transfers of funds.
  • Making loan and credit card payments.

To speak to a teller, simply touch the screen and a Blue team member will appear for assistance via video conferencing. To use the machine as an ATM, simply insert your card for account access, use a keypad, and navigate a touchscreen like an ATM. If the card is inserted before touching the screen, the machine will assume an ATM transaction, and without closing that transaction out, will not be able to push a button to connect to a teller.

Here at Blue, we are not just a credit union. We’re committed to creating achievable pathways for our members through individualized financial guidance. We know VTMs are new to many of our members. Our in-branch team members are always ready to help you with more in-depth consultations or services more suited to in-person assistance than VTM services.

For additional questions, please visit with a Blue employee at your local branch or by calling 1-800-368-9328 for personalized help to realize your possibilities!

Aaron Fiore

Director of Communications

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