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New Tiered Structure

The best part about the tiered rate system is that you can continue to earn dividends on the balances within each tier.

Accelerated Savings Rates


BalanceDividendBlended APY*
1$0.00 -$1,000.004.89%5.00%
2$1,000.01-$5,000.001.00%5.00% - 1.80%
3$5,000.01-$10,000.000.50%1.80% - 1.15%
4$10,000.01-$50,000.000.25%1.15% - 0.43%
5$50,000.01 and Over0.15%0.43% - 0.15%

*Annual Percentage Yield. This is a tiered rate account. The specified dividend rate for a tier will apply only to the portion of the balance within that tier. Annual percentage yields vary depending on the balance in the account. No minimum deposit required to open. No minimum balance to earn dividends. Limit one Accelerated Savings Account type per social security number.
All rates effective as of:

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