The Blue story

United in service to people, communities, and our shared future

Blue Federal Credit Union formed in 2016 when two highly successful, progressive Front Range credit unions—one in Wyoming, one in Colorado, each with a long history—realized how much they had in common and how much more would be possible together.

On some level, it’s the same story as how credit unions came to be: People realized that by pooling money, financial smarts, time, and effort they could accomplish more together than individually.

“People helping people” is the heart of why we have credit unions.

Warren Federal Credit Union

Warren Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1951 by a group of civilian personnel at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne. Over the course of 65 years, Warren established roots and built trust with military and community members. These valued  relationship remain strong as we support Air Force Blue members and their families around the world.

Community Financial Credit Union

Beginning a similar journey more than 50 years ago, Community Financial Credit Union was chartered to serve the financial needs of employees at the Rocky Flats Environmental Technology site. CFCU later merged with Boulder Municipal Employees Credit Union and expanded its service to Broomfield and the surrounding communities. 

Why Warren and Community Financial merged

The right cultural fit: Shared values and a sense of place

Both Warren and Community Financial were known as forward-thinking financial institutions, committed to lifelong relationships with members and their families and highly involved in their respective communities.

Both companies felt a deep connection to the spectacular Rocky Mountain Front Range, to the skies, waters, mountains, open spaces, history, and the people who call this place home.

Both companies had a fun-loving, optimistic, growth-minded culture, a strong sense of personal and corporate responsibility, and a genuinely caring, down-to-earth approach to helping members succeed financially and in life. 

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The right business strategy: Stronger together, positioned for growth

While Warren and Community Financial were both successful and growing steadily, we faced strong competition from other financial services providers in our region. Rather than competing with each other, they decided to merge to achieve a larger presence in the region as well as economies of scale.

Both credit unions were well-capitalized, had a solid membership base and were a strong cultural fit. Far from being a buyout of either company, merging as Blue was a joint strategy to better compete in the market, grow, and ensure long-term value for our members, employees, and the communities we serve. 

65 years of partnership with Warren Air Force Base

The people at Warren AFB are an essential part of both our origin and future. As Blue, we’ve continued Warren’s deep, long-standing relationship with Warren Air Force Base. To us this means much more than providing financial services through Blue. We volunteer with our friends at Warren AFB and also commit financial resources—nearly $20,000 last year—to on-base activities and events such as Military Box Night, one of our favorite volunteer events all year.

The Blue Foundation

A separate business entity, but an inseparable partner in all of Blue’s community endeavors, the Blue Foundation launched to support and lead our non-profit charitable giving in the communities we serve. For every donation dollar the Foundation receives, Blue FCU matches it at up to 80%, significantly multiplying the money the Blue Foundation has to do good works. 

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